Comments are back!

It seems a failed hack attempt wiped the comments and left the DB unable to hold more than a single comment, but hopefully that’s fixed now.

It’s a shame, ’cause there were some really good discussions for the Unity tips and tricks, etc.
Nevermind though, I’ve got copies of the best of them and the next Unity article will be done soon.


46 Tips & Tricks for 2D mobile Performance in Unity.

  Unity_LogoUnity’s a beast. I’m always impressed at how versatile and performant it can be. But like any beast it requires a little bit of taming (and in some cases some very counter intuitive trickery, but that’s where this metaphor falls apart). I’ve had a bit of a struggle getting Truck Toss to play smoothly on my 3GS, but here’s a nice big list of tips to help you on your way. 

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