46 Tips & Tricks for 2D mobile Performance in Unity.

  Unity_LogoUnity’s a beast. I’m always impressed at how versatile and performant it can be. But like any beast it requires a little bit of taming (and in some cases some very counter intuitive trickery, but that’s where this metaphor falls apart). I’ve had a bit of a struggle getting Truck Toss to play smoothly on my 3GS, but here’s a nice big list of tips to help you on your way. 

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Fixing ADB shell colors in the windows command prompt.


At some point this morning I was suddenly and without warning struck with the urge to get the old AALib demo “BB” running on my ‘droid. Eventually I had an ARM build of Debian running and BB installed without any fuss. (apt-get install bb).

What I hadn’t anticipated though was that using ADB shell from the windows command prompt would result in color code escape sequences being printed straight to the screen. Worse still, I couldn’t Ctrl+C out of a program without killing ADB shell, and other keys such as the arrows and escape key were being ignored completely.

So without further ado, here are a few solutions :