BunnyMod V4 (Portal 2)


BunnyMod V4 for Portal 2.
(assembly-level mod, reintroducing air control)

Update: Stay tuned, I’m building the core functionality into Stickymod right now. Give me a nudge on Steam if you’d like a copy of the alpha version for map development or testing.

In the mean time, the V4 download is still available for anyone who wants it.

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46 Tips & Tricks for 2D mobile Performance in Unity.

  Unity_LogoUnity’s a beast. I’m always impressed at how versatile and performant it can be. But like any beast it requires a little bit of taming (and in some cases some very counter intuitive trickery, but that’s where this metaphor falls apart). I’ve had a bit of a struggle getting Truck Toss to play smoothly on my 3GS, but here’s a nice big list of tips to help you on your way. 

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Fudge Packer (Portal 2 Asset AutoPacker)

Fudge Packer is an asset auto-packer for Portal 2 that inserts itsself into the build chain and auto packs custom textures, sounds, music, models, etc.

Unlike other autopackers, FudgePacker lets you build and pick one or several lists of assets (in .txt files), and will auto pack them when you compile from Hammer. 



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Four GMod/Wiremod Quaternion based flight systems.

Half_life_2_logoOne of the few things better than having wiremod quaternion based flight systems is having lots of them.
Here are a few including the Expression 2 code and advdupe files. Win.

All of these vehicles are a seat mounted on a giant E2 chip. They’re based on roughly the same code, so you can mix and match bits to your liking 🙂 The Adv Dupe and Expression2 downloads are at the bottom of the page.

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