iTunes lite – A workaround.

ITunes_LogoI like Apple’s Spoon Fed approach to support. If every macbook for example has all the PC drivers and so forth you can just ghost the install straight onto the PC and it’ll continue working. Magic Bloatware for the win. My PC is my safe haven from this crap though, and faced with installing iTunes, I spent nearly half an hour avoding installing it. (I needed only to upload an .IPA) So in the absence of a lite version, this is about your best bet:

Download the iTunes setup via wherever, and extract the .EXE with Winrar of 7Zip.

Inside, you’ll find:
-And maybe some Quicktime stuff.

At the very minimum, all you need is AppleApplicationSupport and iTunes.

There seems to be a bit of an issue instaling these to anywhere other than the default locations, so the easiest way I’ve found is to make a quick shortcut to the files you need and run with the /passive switch. (Or launch ’em from the Command Prompt)

And once you’re done, grab a copy of Quicktime Alternative.

You’re all set.

I have such an irrational hatred for the way iTunes decides to manage stuff, backs up and downloads safari safe browsing data every time I want to transfer a file, the way it makes backups when I tell it not to, the way it lists all my music and asks if it can organise my life, the way it’s so shiney and large and gray and not tiny and powerful like winamp, the way it’s.. oh god, it’s just awful. But at least you can keep it on a leash.


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