BunnyMod V4 (Portal 2)


BunnyMod V4 for Portal 2.
(assembly-level mod, reintroducing air control)

Update: Stay tuned, I’m building the core functionality into Stickymod right now. Give me a nudge on Steam if you’d like a copy of the alpha version for map development or testing.

In the mean time, the V4 download is still available for anyone who wants it.

This is where I’ll be releasing updates from now on (assuming there are any more). I’ll keep everyone notified via youtube since that seems to be the best place to reach everyone concerned.

Changes since Beta/Gama:
-Added an [Aircontrol] notifier to the top of the screen when sv_aircontrol is active.
-Fixed a crash that happened after changing maps a few times.
-Fixed an issue with companion cubes becoming nonsolid.
-Fixed an issue with gigantic cl_showpos text.
-Stopped Cave Johnsson repeating himself over and over and over on PTI maps.
-Jump distance now shows 3 hops. Sorry, had to be done for stability.
-Renamed to Bunnymod, and assumed a numerical naming convention.


If you experience any crashiness, try deleting the client.dll and leaving server.dll.
You’ll still be able to use sv_aircontrol 1, but without the new text areas.


BunnyMod V4: Glittertits ]

[ BunnyMod V4: Failsafe Version ]

Note: Use the failsafe version if for any reason the first one fails. There’s no bhop counter, and aircontrol is jammed on permanently. I.e.  There is no “sv_aircontrol” command in failsafe. It’s ON permanently.

Mac users:
You’re gonna have a bad time.  You’ll have to open the Portal2’s bin folder (the original) and write over client.dll and server.dll with the one from the download. Not doing a walkthrough for this.


JoyVirus69 – Original debuggable binaries
Krank, LPFreaky90, Betsrunner,Draiku, Nik, Zypeh – Testing
Krank, Klooger – The idea

Pasted outta the readme. Like a pro.


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