BunnyMod V4 (Portal 2)

  BunnyMod V4 for Portal 2.(assembly-level mod, reintroducing air control) Update: Stay tuned, I’m building the core functionality into Stickymod right now. Give me a nudge on Steam if you’d like a copy of the alpha version for map development or testing. In the mean time, the V4 download is still available for anyone who […]
Yamatai Patch – TR2013 Exploration/Augmentation Trainer

YAMATAI Patch is a TR2013 memory trainer geared towards video recording and exploration rather than straight forward cheating. With everything from camera adjustments to direct modifications to the code that controls her breast size and jiggle, there’s a little something for everyone.
Fudge Packer (Portal 2 Asset AutoPacker)

Fudge Packer is an asset auto-packer for Portal 2 that inserts itsself into the build chain and auto packs custom textures, sounds, music, models, etc. Unlike other autopackers, FudgePacker lets you build and pick one or several lists of assets (in .txt files), and will auto pack them when you compile from Hammer.     
GMod / Wiremod / Expression2 – Functional Walking Hexapod.

This is a fully functional walking hexapod for Wiremod!The whole thing is controlled by a single chip taking in put from 5 Dual Numpad inputs. Clicky for a vid, download and build instructions!  
Interactive Circle of Fifths.. and stuff!

   What’s better than a circle of fifths diagram?An interactive vectored one…with other useful stuff!Since I stopped studying music, the theory has been slowly seeping out of the side of my head. The only solution was to recreate my old reference sheet so I could quickly grab a copy on the mobile.
Combustable Lemons for Portal2, Garry’s Mod and Left 4 Dead 2.

Since people won’t shut up about it, I hacked together this little pack initially for L4D2, then stripped it back for GMod, Portal2, etc. It should work on most source games, but failing that, give me a shout, and I’ll do my best to update it.  All instructions are included in the .zip file [Download]

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